Best outdoor smart lights


Best outdoor smart lights


Outdoor lighting is key to a safe and secure home, so upgrading to smart outdoor lights that double as motion detectors and sync with your security system makes a lot of sense. For my money, the best way to get there is with Ring, which offers a full portfolio of affordable outdoor smart lights, all of which can sync up with your Ring cameras and sync up with Alexa for voice control, too.

My favorites of the bunch are the Ring Pathlights, especially the new solar-powered version pictured above. At just $35 a pop, each one includes a built-in motion sensor that can turn on a light or a group of lights whenever someone passes by, and they can trigger your Ring cameras to start recording, too. That's a great way to build a smart home that's aware of what's going on outside. 

You'll need a Ring Bridge in your home in order to use them, but you can currently get one bundled with two solar-powered smart Pathlights for $90. Read more on CNET.